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Cancel that shouts a snow leopard in the mountains of Asia. A black rhinoceros is across the plains of Africa to the gallop. A fish for the hunting of grizzly bear in a river in North America. Mother of a blue whale and her calf gliding toward the deep waters of the ocean. All these animals share the land with us. Fascinate us with their beauty, grace and speed. We want to observe their behaviour and learn more about their habits. I love her, but it just isn't enough. All these animals are threatened with extinction. Many of them have died, and without care, one day disappear from the Earth. Why is it important to take care of animals like this? One reason is to protect the balance of life on Earth. Another reason is the beauty of animals. Each species is something special. Once it's gone, it's gone forever. Africa was once filled with an abundance of wildlife. But that is changing quickly. One of these animals, the black rhino, lives in the plains of Africa. It has very poor eyesight and bad mood! Although the black rhino is powerful and can be dangerous, helps more its resistance to escape hunters. Some people think that the Magic's rhino horn and many hunters kill rhinos for their valuable horns. Causes the black rhino are displayed in the list of endangered species from extinction. It seems that the elephant represent anything, strong and wild in Africa. They have natural enemies, ivory is not now in danger for their tusks were killed. Cheetah in Africa lives the fastest animal on Earth. He is, as people who drink more over the land which is the natural habitat of the Leopard became extinct. Africa without the mighty Rhinoceros, soft, elegant elephant or Cheetah imagine lightning. Once they are gone, they are gone for good. Where we are negligent people on Earth, has threatened the species from extinction. Grizzly bears roam as long distances. Each bear needs their home until a 1500 square miles. Today, as forests were cleared, create space for people, he's grizzly habitat shrinks and the bear at risk. Join other animals in North America of extinction of endangered species, like the Red Wolf and the American crocodile. In South America the destruction of forests threatened many animals. Unusual mammals, like the howler monkeys and the three-toed sloth-three, are threatened with extinction. Beautiful birds, like the great green Macaw Golden parakeet and are already extinct. Are losing their homes in the jungle and thousands die when they captured and sent as exotic animals are sold. The giant panda from Asia is a unique and fascinating. However, there are only a few 1000 that still live in the wild. Giant Panda floor consists primarily of bamboo plant, so if dying of bamboo forests, made the Panda. China has sought to protect disappearing creatures specific at this time. Asian cat S are also in trouble. The Snow Leopard lives in high mountains, exotic. He is once again, the loss of its natural habitat and hunters to kill through the skin. The Tiger, the largest of all cats, search for sports only. Animals are threatened with extinction in the oceans as well. The blue whale is the biggest animal. Weighs up to 390000 hunting the whale and contamination are the worst enemy. Unfortunately, there are people who have caused many problems for wildlife. We can modify and contaminate their habitat. Us hunting, fur, tusks, skins and horns. Destroy animals in agriculture or construction. And we like animals and natural habitats to remove. What can you make animals from extinction threatened to help? Learn how to can, with his subject. As you know, more can help. If you try to support groups of animals and zoos. Many zoos breed animals from extinction threatened, so continue to life. Contribute, groups like the National Wildlife Federation and the Sierra Club, who work hard to protect animals. It can also be a smart buyer and never buy a pet that was raised in the desert. The world consists of many living beings, and everything depends on others to survive. If we admit that have disappeared from a single species on Earth, this effect vary on other living beings and our world. When talking about threatened wild animals from extinction, we don't want more disappeared forever. .